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We offer a service that aims to reduce the availability of your information on the internet so spammers and scammers don’t have access to it.

Here at whatsIT we value privacy above all else and believe in fixing the root of issues, not applying quick, temporary fixes. This is why we have come up with this service to offer everyone, not just those located in our Central Florida service area. We have years of experience and research with our clients, delving into the issues surrounding the ever-growing problem of spam. Whether it’s email, phone calls, or postal mail…we’ve discovered that the ease at which information is procured is a large part of what is making this problem worse.

What We Do

Our service searches the internet for websites that mine, broker and aggregate your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and removes it so potential spammers and scammers can’t find or buy your data from them.

Specifically, our service searches over 220+ websites (as of May 2022) for your PII. Once we find you in their database, we either follow their procedure for the removal of your PII, or we start making requests. Once this process is complete (currently between 2 and 7 business days), the waiting game begins. Some removals are immediate, some take a week or two, and a few take a little longer.

lakeland tech support computer help



Check out any of the site buttons below and type in your name…what do you find?
If you find something you don’t like, we recommend coming back here.
Because if your information is on just one of these data brokers, you can be assured it’s on a whole lot more.
You can also try Googling your Name and City, State.


Check out the complete list of sites we remove your data from.

How it Works

As we remove your PII from these data websites, whose sole purpose is to collect and sell everyone’s data, it is companies that rely on these sites for their advertisement and marketing that will lose access to your data and therefore no longer be able to email, call, or mail you. However, it is important to remember that any sites that you sign up for on your own behalf, will still have your information. This is because you signed up for them and willingly gave them your information (more information on this below).

What to Expect

This is not a quick, overnight fix. Companies who have already acquired your data previously, may keep at it for some time before they give up on you. We always recommend not answering, hanging up or reacting to spam calls in any way. Let it ring or silence it if you can. Once the caller determines it’s a dead number, they are more likely to stop.

However, NEW companies, advertisers, marketers, spammers, scammers… will not have access to your information at any point. Because of this service, your PII will no longer be on these data websites that would have given them access to you… so they will never even know you exist.

What we find is that the physically mailed spam is the first thing our clients notice a difference in. Calls will take a little longer for the reason mentioned in the previous paragraph. Clients often report a difference in just 2 weeks. Spam emails are extremely variable among individuals. This is because many (most) people, are signed up for email subscriptions from all sorts of companies. What happens with these is at some point or another, you (the user) signed up for a service, newsletter, made a purchase, or agreed to a privacy policy that gave a company the right to send you periodic emails. The only way to stop these subscription (spam) emails, is to unsubscribe and revoke that permission.