Initial Spam Prevention Package for Individuals

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This purchase is for a service where a technician from whatsIT LLC will search for and remove your personal information from data aggregating websites on the internet. On this website, you will find a list of those websites. By us removing your personal information from these sites, it is made more difficult for spammers, scammers, and the like to find your information, and therefore contact you by whatever means they find available. This is how we offer to prevent spam emails, calls, and even postal mail. We do not claim to stop it completely, that is a near-impossible task. Any purchase made at a store, any service entrusted with a business, any website you visit, and anything you interact with in this world that has a contract, dictates what data that authority collects, and what they can do with that data, including selling it. It is the nature of the world we live in today with technology and virtual marketing. But that is why we here at whatsIT have developed this service. To offer a real solid defense against the offensive attack of spammers.

2 reviews for Initial Spam Prevention Package for Individuals

  1. Lynne Pettine (verified owner)

    I know the product page says to give it some time before the spam calls decrease, but it only took 2 weeks for me. I was getting at least 5 a day, including on Sundays and starting as early at 8am. But those have stopped. I actually have days where I get no spam calls at all, it’s wonderful!

  2. Johnny Brothers (verified owner)

    So I just bought my first house in 2020, and the amount of spam mail I was getting was unbelievable. But this service must’ve put a stop to it immediately because it wasn’t even a week after buying this that it stopped. Spam calls are already better, but I just couldn’t believe how quick that was for the mail. It’s already worth the value. I’m happy.

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